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THIS TRAINING CAN FIT ANYONE : Adults (Men & Women) with Martial arts experience who would like to own a Krav Maga Maleh school. Martial arts experts who would like to expand their school’s programs. Police, security professionals, and martial arts experts who lead coaching and programs.


MAster dar

My name is Guy Dar. I was born in 1971 And I have been practicing Krav Maga since I was 10 years old (1980).

I had the honor and privilege to be trained by the legendary Master Eli Avikzar (of blessed memory), the first Krav Maga black belt in the world.

“This is the next generation of KRAV MAGA”

The KRAV MAGA MALEH methods are characterized by rapid response and EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE actions. 

The primary effect is achieved by understanding more and utilizing the natural movements of the human body, And using the 3 basic principles that are leading the system 

The primary result: 

1. “The Most Natural and Short Movement is the Best and Right Movement” (Imi Sde-Or)

2. “Minimum Movement against Maximum Attack” (Eli Avikzar) 

3. “Learning little to know more” (Guy Dar)

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